By: Karolina Dryndak

A few months ago, nobody could have predicted the current situation we find ourselves in. Many things have changed over the last few weeks, and many people’s lives are being directly affected by these changes.

Amount of new cases, confirmed cases, deaths, and where cases are taking place around the world

Many times when an issue arises, only a section of the world is directly affected…

Story written by: Karolina Dryndak | Interview conducted by: Karolina Dryndak | Research and editing done by: Matthew Beyer and Jada Peters

There is a fairly new restaurant in Racine, Wisconsin called Chit Chaat, that is known for it’s authentic Indian Pakistani street food. …

Many people are unaware of the fact that they need to take a day off in-between lifting. Although it is recommended that people lift two to three times a week when trying to strengthen their upper body, it is crucial that they give their muscles time to recover.

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If people don’t alternate between upper body and lower body, they could cause damage to their muscles, forcing them to take a break from working out altogether. There is a difference between pain due to strengthening, and pain due to damage, and it is important that people know how to distinguish between the two.

Story written by: Karolina Dryndak, Matthew Beyer, and Jada Peters


Damian Evans talking to a student at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside

Many first-year and minority students face struggles throughout their time in college that other students typically don’t have to worry about. There is an individual named Damian Evans who focuses on tackling such struggles.

Evans is the Assistant…

Matt is outdoorsy and athletic, and although he always has a smile on his face, he is a no nonsense kind of guy.

Karolina Dryndak

I am an optimistic individual who loves art, fashion, and nature.

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